Horse Slaughter and what i wrote to the president.

Many of you may not have heard that it has now been legalized by Obama for horses to be slaughtered for human consumption.  It is a moral outrage! Horses are valued pets, partners, friends, helpers, and workers in our country. The country was formed and fought for on their backs, and this is how we re-payed them! I wrote a lovely email to the president along with many others concerning this topic and i have posted what i said below. If you don’t agree i really don’t care but you have a right to say your opinion. If you do care please spread around the news about this monstrosity so more people can know and help stop it! email or call your local state governors and representatives and senators! ONLY WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! also down below is the congress website where you can sign the petition against horse slaughter.

Dear President Obama,

I am horrified to discover this late that you now made horse slaughter legal in the US. We do not raise horses for slaughter, it is an unfortunate place that many healthy, promising, and young horses end up because of irresponsible owners. Let me ask you this..Would you send your daughter’s dog to slaughter? NO. Why should horses be any different? They are the symbol of Freedom and What the Old west used to be! This country was formed on the back of those horses! What you just did was very unpatriotic. You just a signed a death sentence for the horses of this country. If you don’t change this i can promise you that you definitely wont be re-elected next year, i can assure you I WILL NOT be voting for you! I vow for every horse that is sent to the kill pen because of what you just did, and every outfit i sell the money will go straight to rescuing that horse! I apologize if this  email ruins your day but what i just learned today ruined my life!

 petition website:

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